Raw Food /Turkey 500g for Kittens

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Welcome to Simon’s Kitchen, where we take pride in offering a premium solution for feline nutrition – our natural turkey raw cat food.

Optimal Composition for Feline Health: Our commitment to providing the best for your cat starts with our raw turkey cat food. Crafted with care, our product contains a balanced composition of 80% turkey meat, 10% offals, and 10% ground bones. This ensures that your cat receives the nutrition it deserves, mirroring its natural dietary requirements.

Essential Nutrients for Vibrant Well-being: Within every serving, your cat benefits from essential nutrients. With 16.5g of protein, 6.3g of total fat, and Taurine at 100g, our turkey raw cat food supports your cat’s energy, growth, and heart health. The inclusion of Taurine is particularly significant, contributing to your cat’s overall vitality.

It is complete food for your cats.

Enhance with Powder Supplements: For an extra boost to your cat’s health, we offer Powder Supplements enriched with vital ingredients. From Calcium Carbonate to Zinc oxide, our supplements cover essential minerals and vitamins. These supplements are the perfect complement to our raw turkey food, ensuring your cat’s holistic well-being.

With Simon’s Kitchen, you’re choosing more than just cat food – you’re choosing a path to better health and happiness for your feline companion. Elevate your cat’s diet with our premium raw turkey food and supporting Powder Supplements.


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